‘The Daily Show’: John Oliver roasts Anthony Weiner in a way everyone predicted

John OliverThere are some things in life that are inevitable: The sky is blue, fish swim in the ocean, and “The Daily Show” is going to mercilessly mock you if you do something incredibly stupid. For Anthony Weiner, this “incredibly stupid” thing was to continue to send photos of his junk to people after he was already forced to resign as a Congressman, and also after he gave some huge apology talking about shame. It doesn’t have to be said again, but shouldn’t a guy already mocked in the media for this activity really know better?

While the Comedy Central show is still being hosted by John Oliver while Jon Stewart is away, this segment below feels very much in line with the longtime “Daily Show” tradition of brutally shaming people who do very stupid things. It starts off with a few funny one-liners, and then goes into a full-on assault.

From this standpoint, the real winning portion of the show has to be when the alter ego of “Carlos Danger” is announced, which is the sort of name that even makes the Most Interesting Man in the World throw up in his mouth a little bit. There are a number of things that the world never needs to experience, and one of them is a man flashing his junk going by this sort of crazed username.

We don’t care about political parties or platforms in this case, and we’re also not someone to be easily offended; but if someone is clearly showing that they don’t learn from their mistakes, do you really want this person to be the Mayor of the largest city in America? There’s got to be a better option out there than this.

All we can say is that if Oliver keeps up this brand of hilarious humor, the network’s probably going to be even more pleased with his work while Stewart is away.

Photo: Comedy Central

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