‘The Bachelorette’ finale spoilers: Desiree Hartsock ‘rejected’ by Brooks Forester, Drew Kenney?

Desiree HartsockThere are some tragic times ahead for Desiree Hartsock on “The Bachelorette” … that is if you believe the tabloids. Then again, according to them she has probably been heartbroken twenty times already by all of the “bad boys” on this season, is still in love with people she was never in love with, and in a future issue, will probably be thinking about creating a moon colony with Newt Gingrich and her babies from her current fiance.

The latest issue of Us Weekly chooses to sensationalize the upcoming first part of “The Bachelorette” finale using the headline of “Bachelorette Desiree Rejected,” and then shows off a pair of photos of Drew Kenney and Brooks Forester, who are apparently the magazine’s two choices for most-likely suitor. (It’s either that or the editors ultimately believe that Chris Siegfried is too nice and/or boring to touch.) It then goes on to explain how “the man of her dreams spurns her and makes a shocking exit” off the show.

So is that really going to happen? Yeah, we’re pretty skeptical. We know that there is drama coming Monday, but only involving Brooks as he yet again wonders to himself whether or not he’s ready for marriage. This will lead to he and Desiree having some pretty intense conversations on the subject, and maybe they end a date early. That’s it. We definitely cannot see him just flat-out leaving, since he’s said there are feelings there. He’s just having a hard time proposing while also worrying himself sick over the two other guys that are still in the running (as any logical human would, since you can’t really be okay with that situation).

If Desiree really wants to be with Brooks, we imagine that this will all turn out fine, and Us Weekly will have to create a new headline in a couple of months with rumors that the two have broken up. After all, this seems to be what makes their world go ’round.

We do have at least some more scoop to share here on Desiree’s upcoming struggles with Chris, and it seems to all be a matter of one problem: Location, location, location.

Photo: ABC

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