‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 5 preview: Dexter’s … date?

Dexter on a date -Part of what makes Dexter Morgan such an interesting character is that he seems perfectly fine with doing a myriad of pretty awful things, but at the same time completely terrified of doing anything that society would actually smile upon. Take, for example, spending normal time with your family, not dumping dead bodies into the ocean in pieces, or going out on a date. This is not exactly a new concept to Dexter, given that he did play the “normal date” card with Rita so many years ago. You can’t really consider Lumen, Hannah, or that woman that he “hooked up” with in the premiere to fit this bill at all.

So who is the lucky lady here? It’s none other than Cassie, his neighbor that Jamie is pushing hard for him to start seeing. This is probably going to be one of the more-awkward experiences ever for Dex on Sunday night’s episode of “Dexter,” largely because a certain Joey Quinn is there. He probably thought that he was completely over having to deal with Quinn outside of work following the end of Deb’s engagement, but nope! This weird little circle of people just keeps dating each other!

If there’s any solace Dexter can get from this, it’s that Quinn may not be around Jamie much longer if he keeps “checking up” on Deb … though that could mean that he is around Deb longer. As for Cassie, we mostly just hope that she gets the heck out of Dodge quickly when she notices that Dexter’s by and large a pretty odd duck. There may be some great fish in the sea, but he’s one you want to throw back. Plus, you don’t want her to still be around in the event that Hannah suddenly turns back up, right?

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Photo: Showtime

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