‘Bates Motel’ season 2 spoilers: Norma Bates has a new love

Bates MotelHere’s something that we’re sure Norman Bates is going to have some conflicted feelings about on the upcoming second season of “Bates Motel“: He’s going to be forced into watching his mother spend some time with another man. Let’s just hope that he is nowhere as awful as some of the folks that she has spent some of her time with so far.

According to TVLine, Michael Vartan of “Alias” fame has checked in for the second season of the hit series, playing the part of George, a divorced man who charms Vera Farmiga’s character early on in the season. There’s no guarantee that he will stick around for long, though, judging on the revolving door of guest stars that we’ve seen already. Plus, we can’t assume that Norma’s going to have a ton of friends around when she meets her demise. (We’d say that was a spoiler, but … well, come on.)

What is going to be the challenge for “Bates Motel” coming up is the pacing. How long can you occupy the story’s time before sending Norma to meet her fate, and how much backstory can you give Norman leading up to the time of the “Psycho” movie? We clearly saw some major movement on the path at the end of season 1, and we see there at least being a couple of seasons left where we get to the point where Norma’s entire life will be in constant jeopardy. Let’s just hope that things continue to be entertaining every step of the way.

Do you like this “Bates Motel” casting, and do you have some hopes for some creepy times in the second season? Let’s just hope that this does not cause Farmiga to dominate the show in terms of airtime, given that it could cause Freddie Highmore to freak out like he does in the video here.

Photo: A&E

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