‘White Collar’ season 5 spoilers: Another possible mystery for Matt Bomer’s Neal

Matt BomerMatt Bomer’s “White Collar” character of Neal Caffrey is more than just an excellent thief; he also does a great job at being a man of mystery, and on some occasions, the mysteries are even kept somewhat from himself.

This past season on the show, we got at opportunity to really dive in and catch a glimpse at what is an awkward, bizarre, but also entertaining family dynamic involving Neal and his father, but is this something that we have seen the last of? When we’re talking about Neal and his dad, we’re sure that there is more to come considering the role the man played in what happened to Tim DeKay’s Peter.

But what about the mystery of Neal’s mother? This is one rabbit hole that the writers, at least according to a message sent over to TVLine, have no interest in diving down at least for the immediate future:

“Having spent time with dear old Dad last season, Neal is done looking backward for now, and will be focused on moving forward in his life for Season 5. But the story of Neal’s mother is definitely a tale we hope to tell down the road.”

Now, there will of course definitely be a multitude of other stories to come in the new season. Peter has to try and prove his innocence (good luck), there will be some new individual cases to bring the show back to its roots, and we’re also going to to see Bridget Regan of “Beauty and the Beast” check in as a major recurring character, playing a prospective love interest for Mr. Caffrey. (Better watch out, Sara fans.)

The only thing Sara fans may have an even greater reason to cry about? That we’re not going to be seeing any more of “White Collar” on USA until the show returns in the fall. Luckily, we do at least have some more scoop on Peter here.

Photo: USA

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