‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: A possible unanimous vote and Kaitlin’s fate

KaitlinFor the first time all season on “Big Brother 15,” we have a situation that could lead to every vote landing on one person in the house. Does that mean that every one of these said people wants to vote them out? Nope, but it’s a numbers game and the last thing that you want to do is show your hand.

Thanks to some conversations over the past 12 hours, it is feeling like we are going to be seeing Kaitlin go home without anyone voting for Aaryn or GinaMarie, a pretty stunning development given that Aaryn’s goose seemed to be cooked a few days ago. The reason the vote changed is pretty simple: Aaryn mostly stayed out of her own way for a change, and the fights that she did have just cemented that she is perfect to keep around since everyone hates her; meanwhile, Kaitlin hurt herself by winning the Veto last week, coming close to winning a pair of Head of Households, and also having that Grasshopper alliance.

See? It hurts sometimes to be competent at competitions, and also simultaneously clueless about the game. Kaitlin had never seen the show before, so her investment in saving herself has not really been that clear.

Talk is somewhat shifting now to tonight’s Head of Household Competition, and the feeling for Howard right now is that it is a must-win. This is why, at least for now, we’re predicting that he takes the key today, and then leaves both Amanda and McCrae in a pretty awful position for much of the next few days as they have to fight for their lives in the game.

Hopefully, we’ll have a little bit more activity later when the live feeds are actually running, and there is some more activity going on in the house. If you do want to read some more of the latest “Big Brother” news, just be sure to head on over to the link here (or look at that handy sidebar).

Photo: CBS

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