‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Is a Howard vs. Amanda showdown coming?

HowardThere is a real battle coming soon on “Big Brother 15,” and it could come as soon as this week: The showdown between Howard and Amanda. These aren’t necessarily people who hate each other; it’s just two people who are threatened by each other, and doing whatever they can in order to take over the way in which the house runs things.

So could we actually see them going head to head moving into this coming week? It’s possible, but it depends mostly on a few simple variables. For one, there’s that whole issue of who actually wins Head of Household, and a few people (Elissa and Aaryn) that may be targeted before them. Getting rid of Aaryn is almost like a waste of a week at this point strategically; as glorious as it will feel to see the racist shamed by Julie Chen, she’s never going to win in the end, and nobody is ever going to trust her. There is also the issue of the MVP twist possibly being gone this week, as week 4 is typically the end of the beginning season twists.

We’re looking forward to these two strategic masterminds (at least by this season’s standards) going head to head, especially since they are each trying to plot their way ahead. For now, here’s a few more notes to remember from a reasonably quiet night in the house:

1. It does still appear like Kaitlin is leaving even though Elissa is occasionally waffling back and forth on the vote.

2. The Young Grasshopper alliance has been pretty much “outed,” not that it really matters too much, anyway, given that they only have a tiny handful of votes this week with both Kaitlin and GinaMarie on the block. This alliance, per Amanda, is the real reason that Kaitlin is leaving this week.

3. Everyone is basically threatening Judd. The Amanda / Helen side is pushing him for Grasshopper details, and Howard is warning him that as soon as he’s not HoH, he will see how out of the loop he is with the other side. (Sadly, Howard is unaware of the Goof Troop for now.)

In case you missed it last night, a practice apparatus was set up briefly for the upcoming competition tonight. You can read about that and more here.

Photo: CBS

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