ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: ‘Need To Know’ and another new face

CastleWell, the details about “Castle” season 6 are now coming out pretty steadily, aren’t they? The story that we have for you today revolves very much all around the third episode of this upcoming season, which seems as though it is going to dip yet again into the world of celebrity … something that Richard Castle knows at least remotely well courtesy of all the buzz surrounding being a best-selling author.

According to SpoilerTV, this episode in question is going to be entitled “Need to Know,” and the murder victim here is a Russian actress, described as “gorgeous” (which seems to be the token word for all of these characters), who was starring in a movie called “2 Cool for School.” This could be a fun case depending on the sorts of people that Castle and/or Beckett (if they are both actually working together following the DC dilemma) have an opportunity to work around. You never know with this show, though: It could stay silly, or the show could move instead into some bizarre story involving substance abuse or organized crime.

What we can say for now is that the show is in the process of casting another possibly-important character, at least in the sense that they will recur on the show. The name for the role here is Frank “Sully” Sullivan, and they are a detective. We don’t know if we would’ve chosen this name, though, judging by the fact that it makes us immediately think about the hero pilot who landed on the Hudson River.

Being that the show premieres on Monday, September 23, expect to see “Sully” turn up for the first time on October 7, unless the show pulls something really bizarre and airs a repeat far earlier than they should.

While this news is coming out now, there’s also some more scoop hitting the net about the premiere. Take a look at that here.

Photo: ABC

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