‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: What humiliates Aaron Paul

JesseWhen you are a man that has the level of notoriety that Aaron Paul has, there is very little out there that could seemingly humiliate you. Heck, the guy even takes that over-enthusiastic “Price Is Right” appearance (back from the good old days with Bob Barker as host) in stride.

However, Jay Leno has now found a way in which to make the “Breaking Bad” star / Emmy nominee yet again shiver in fear … and it does not include having to do an interview with Jay Leno. Instead, the late-night host this week subjected Aaron to a scene from an old episode of “Beverly Hills 90210” that was cheesy at best. It was one of his first major acting gigs while still a high school student, and it was also the first time that he had to kiss a woman on screen.

By the time that Leno finishes playing this video, Paul appears almost as though he is just about ready to lose his lunch all over just about everyone sitting in the front row of the audience, it can be a pretty bad experience first of all to watch yourself, regardless of whether or not the work is good, but when you’re in a scene that is from over a decade ago that is this cheesy, it is basically like having to stare into your worst nightmares. We’re sure Aaron would probably want to watch his laundry in the drier than something like this.

With that being said, this isn’t going to hurt Aaron’s Emmy odds at all; he’s still got a good shot, largely because the nominees this year were repeat offenders plus Jonathan Banks and Mandy Patankin. We’ll have more on that soon in our Emmy series.

For now, be sure to catch all of the highlights from the “Breaking Bad” panel earlier in the week, just in case you haven’t already.

Photo: AMC

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