‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: What’s next for Todd Lowe?

Terry(Warning: For those of you who have not seen this past episode of “True Blood” yet and intend to, stop reading now. Otherwise, don’t blame us for feeling spoiled.)

For those of you wondering whether or not we have truly seen the end for Todd Lowe’s character of Terry Bellefleur, we presume that now is the time, tragically, for us to be the bearer of some very bad news: The character is not going to be coming back to life. The show may be supernatural, but it almost makes some sense to have one of the few human characters die in a human way, and then leave it at that and let people move on.

But have we really seen the end for Todd Lowe’s character on the HBO show just yet? Not exactly. As a matter of fact, TV Guide reports that we will get an opportunity to see Terry back for one final appearance this season … but it’s during a flashback.

It may feel strange to have this be the last time we ever see or experience anything related to the character, but it actually feels appropriate given that the show gave us virtually zero opportunity at all to say goodbye given the tragic way in which he went out. Wouldn’t it be nicer to be able to wish him well with something besides him getting shot in the back of the head? We know that the last image that we want to see is of the guy bleeding out.

Ultimately, the easiest thing to say is that Terry’s going to be missed, and even Todd is going to miss playing him. The show’s made a big move in killing off a series regular, especially one that did something for us beyond just ripping people’s heads off and stripping down every few minutes.

Photo: HBO

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