ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6: Creator on premiere mystery, Nathan Fillion, more

CastleFor any “Castle” fan, there has to be that feeling as though we have gotten through the doldrums of summer vacation. Filming has started up now on season 6, and it’s going pretty strong. You have Lisa Edelstein playing a major recurring part, a great cliffhanger with the Beckett proposal, and also the possibility of her not even working in New York City at the time in which the new season actually picks up.

The only thing capable of turning on the breaks right now comes via the talk surrounding Nathan Fillion’s contract situation, which led to production shutting down for a day thanks to the actor (who has probably clocked more hours on this show than we can even count) looking for a four-day week. While Andrew Marlowe did not get into specifics on this issue in a chat with Give Me My Remote, he did at least make it clear that there is nothing but love for all parties involved (which sounds to us like a solution will be handled internally):

“Though ABC has asked me not to comment on the situation, we love Nathan and Nathan loves the show and we’re looking forward to a really amazing season 6.”

On a more positive note, Marlowe said that there is going to be some action and intensity that is plugged in here right away, regardless of if Beckett says yes or what happens with the two of them:

“We’re going to start off with a case that’s relatively high-stakes. We think that’s a fun way to get people reemerged into the ‘Castle’ universe. And then we’ll have some more fun cases coming up. As you know, we like to balance the serious, the thrilling, and the fun.”

So that is what you should be looking forward to for now: The fun. Forget about all of the drama, mostly because it sounds like all of that is going to blow over without a problem.

Marlowe also recently shared some specifics on the plan for the new season, saying that he would love to bring James Brolin back for some more story as Rick’s father.

Photo: ABC

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