‘Glee’ season 5: See Charice’s wonderful tribute to Cory Monteith

ChariceWhile we have already read countless stories about Cory Monteith’s struggles with addiction throughout his life, the continuous stream of love coming out of the “Glee” community never have a negative thing to say about the dearly departed … including some people who really did not know the man as well as others.

One of the sweetest tributes that we’ve heard about all month long comes from Charice, the young singer from the Philippines that famously had a brief arc on the show back in season 2 as Sunshine Corazon. Her character was never really utilized as much as it was initially hyped, as she was sent off to Vocal Adrenaline near the start of the year and did not return until close to the finale.

Even though Cory had not filmed that much with her, the story that Charice tells in a CNN editorial about how hard he worked to make her, a young girl who was basically away from her own country and all of her friends, on her birthday feel special is something that will probably bring a smile to even a cynic’s face:

“My family was not there, my friends were not there, I didn’t have my loved ones there to celebrate my birthday. It didn’t help that we all still had a long way to go on that day at the set of ‘Glee.’ But Cory came to the rescue, just in time, with his sweet greeting: ‘Happy birthday, Charice!’ A big smile crossed his handsome face. There was sincerity in his tone as he gave me a tight hug. He became family to me at that moment.

“In the remaining hours of our shoot, Cory told me he had Googled me and found my date of my birth. Cool Cory’s act of kindness. He told other members of the ‘Glee’ cast that it was my birthday and I was floored at how many of them greeted me with their warm birthday wishes.”

Charice had recently revealed herself to be a lesbian following months of speculation, and since that time many people within the “Glee” family have expressed their support for her … proving that it really doesn’t matter how long you stay on the “Glee” set, you are family for life.

Photo: Fox

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