‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: Daleks confirmed for 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor WhoLet’s start this “Doctor Who” article off with the truly insufferable news: There is still no confirmation about when the BBC is actually going to release the trailer for the 50th Anniversary Special for everyone to enjoy. You would think that 24 hours is enough of a reward for the Whovians who stood in line at Comic-Con this weekend … but no.

Instead, the network has decided to dangle a carrot in front of our noses and announce other news in that Daleks are making a return appearance for the November 23 special, and this is especially good given how important that they are to the world of the series. They will be teaming up with the Zygons to form some of the monster population for this episode.

In a statement, Steven Moffat had the following to say about including these creatures in the world of the show:

“The Doctor once said that you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies, so it’s fitting that for this very special episode, he should facing the greatest enemies of all.”

This episode, in case someone has shipped you into a different timeline the past few months, will feature appearances from such famous alum as David Tennant and Billie Piper, and John Hurt is the note-worthy guest star stopping by as “The Doctor,” or at least the iteration of the character that has shirked the duties that go along with the name.

As one final reward for those of you suffering, check out the full “Doctor Who” panel from the convention here. Yes, the trailer is edited out of it; but it is still better than nothing at all.

Photo: BBC One

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