‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: GinaMarie, queen of the deluded

GinaMarieIt may just be us, but there is nothing more entertaining than watching someone who is really pretty awful at everything they do, but somehow also thinks that they are amazing at the same time. To us, that is fully representative of one GinaMarie Zimmerman in the “Big Brother 15” house. Despite her talk about being this incredible force in the game, her two biggest achievements thus far include ingesting a mountain of frozen yogurt, and throwing the world’s best tantrum over a guy she barely knew more than two weeks.

To make matters so much worse for GinaMarie in the unintentional hilarity department, last night was a treasure trove of moments, whether it include her taking part in the infamous “cinnamon challenge,” her proclamation that she is going to start winning competitions, or her jealousy of Amanda and McCrae because they are a couple still in this house.

She also called Andy a “princess,” which is yet another reminder of why we hate her … and she also said that Amanda rides coattails, which is proof that GinaMarie is one of those ridiculous people who thinks that competition wins are the most important thing in this game.

In getting away from GinaMarie for a moment, last night was also spent with a lengthy conversation between Howard and Spencer on the subject of what they want to do moving forward. The idea for now does seem to be for them to keep Aaryn, feeling like she is not only useless, but Elissa will continually come after her for as long as she is in the game. The one problem that we see with this plan, though, is simple: Trying to sell Candice on actually keeping the racist around. That, dear friends, could be the end of “Handice” as a “showmance”.

We do of course have a ton more updates from “Big Brother 15” to share, including GinaMarie’s initial reaction to being the third nominee. If you want to read more, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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