‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda feels the pressure

AmandaIt may have taken her a few days now, but Amanda might be finally catching on to something very valuable in the “Big Brother 15” house: She is in some major trouble this coming week unless she wins Head of Household. This time around, she was bailed out in part courtesy of GinaMarie being America’s third nominee, and by someone in Judd winning the Head of Household power at a time when the two parties were close.

However, quite a few things have changed in that time. Judd’s loyalties have wavered, Howard and Spencer know that they have to take her out, and Helen is very interested in the same thing, given that she knows the kind of power that Amanda wields in the house. In the midst of a bubble bath tonight with McCrae, the two talked openly about the need for her to win the HOH this coming time, since it will finally give her an opportunity to really utilize real power versus just telling everyone else how to do their jobs for a change.

If we look into our crystal ball, Thursday is looking very likely to be an endurance competition, which does favor some of the women. However, some of the shorter ladies like Helen or Aaryn (if she’s still there) could end up having the advantage in the end, along with even a small guy like McCrae. The only thing that could hold him back is that he knows that he probably wouldn’t be going home unless he and Amanda were on the block together and she wins the Veto. While Amanda may be the bigger schemer, McCrae is much likelier to win the money in the end.

This is a very quiet in the house still, with GinaMarie knowing that she’s safe, and therefore not causing any problems at all. There is still speculation about who is the MVP, with Elissa still being the Freakout Queen after being the person in power in three straight weeks. Elissa also pushed for Aaryn to be sent home this week, with a very smart reasoning behind it: If Aaryn stays, there is no way that Candice or Howard will work with you.

At this point, we’re just happy that Elissa is not giving herself a massive pity party over the idea that America may hate her. Ugh.

Photo: CBS

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