‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 8 review: How Deucalion lost his eyes

Teen WolfAw, look at how our little “Teen Wolf” is growing up to become a man. Not only is Tyler Posey’s character of Scott growing up, but so is the method in which we have a story told to us. Take, for a prime example, just what we saw on Monday night: A story that was heavy on flashbacks, and placed a good percentage of its focus on what happened with the character of Deucalion the Demon Wolf and where he came from. There were some hints, speculation on unreliable narrators, and so much more.

But with all of this being said, there were still plenty of shockers that we did see take place in the past, including an opportunity to see some of why Derek is the lone wolf that he is. The story of how Deucalion lost his sight as a human was clearly the best part of the entire hour, largely since it gave us that valuable insight into why the chip on the guy’s shoulder is large enough to be a separate wolf all its own.

In some ways, we imagine that this story also has to be frustrating and hair-pulling. After two straight weeks of hours that were beyond intense, this was something that did not push the story forward to the same degree. Also, it felt like we didn’t really see Boyd get his due in the way we wanted one week after seeing the man die. Wasn’t killing him off bad enough?

We know that there are some major events happening the rest of the season, so we’re fine with something that is more reliant on the build-up than necessarily dropping the hammer on anyone and everyone. Another reason for this episode comes simply from a production standpoint: You’re giving some of the regular cast a chance to rest, which is pretty important when this group is shooting twice as many episodes this year.

Did you like this take into the world of “Teen Wolf” days gone by? In case you are the super-impatient type, don’t worry; we also have a sneak peek here for next week’s new episode.

Photo: MTV

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