‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The back and forth game, plus Elissa’s tears

ElissaThanks to America failing to make the MVP vote this time around anywhere near as dramatic as the massive cluster-you-know-what that happened over the weekend on “Big Brother 15,” it looks almost like we could be in for a quiet week … sort of.

The general feeling here is that Aaryn or Kaitlin will go home (good for GinaMarie, we guess), and it doesn’t really matter who. If one goes this week, the other will possibly go home the next. It’s not going to be a game-changer either way. Just in the past hour alone, there has been talk about getting rid of either one of them for very specific reasons.

Aaryn – She’s racist and a terrible person, and nobody wants to put up with her. However she’s also worthless in challenges without Jeremy carrying her, and she is so universally hated that if you took her to the end you’d win hands down.

Kaitlin – She’s also somewhat terrible, laughs at racist jokes, and has the lack of judgment to fall for Jeremy of all people, but she is slightly more tolerable than Aaryn. The problem is that she’s also way better in competitions, and actually could be a functioning member of an alliance.

Outside of this debate, the rest of the night is spent mostly just bashing Amanda, and talking about doing what they can to get her out of this game before the jury. She and Howard are the two biggest targets outside of the mean girls, and that’s not even close. Let’s just take a minute now to laugh at Allison Grodner for her “no-floater summer,” by which she apparently meant that there there were no floaters allowed outside of the house. They all have to stay in there as long as humanly possible.

One last update: Elissa cried tonight, thinking that America hates her … even though she had MVP for THREE WEEKS. Sorry, Elissa: After you started gossiping about abortions earlier in the day, we lost respect for you.

Photo: CBS

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