‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Kaitlin’s abortion supposedly outed by Elissa

KaitlinThere is some major controversy brewing yet again in the “Big Brother 15” house today, but this time around it has to do with someone who has actually been voted America’s “most valuable player” on three separate occasions in Elissa Slater.

We can sum up the crux of this controversy without really wasting much time at all: During a conversation with Helen, she claimed that Kaitlin told her and Amanda that she had an abortion before coming on the show. Before we say anything else, we don’t know if Kaitlin actually said this or not. It was not shown on the feeds if it happened, so there is no real way to verify if any of this is true or not.

Even if it is true, why in the world does it matter? Why is it becoming a part of the narrative of the season, when that is something that is clearly Kaitlin’s business and not anyone else? Granted, you also do have to question if Kaitlin actually did say this, why she thought it was a good idea to share that part of her life with people she’s only known for a few weeks. It’s wrong of Elissa either way to out this to someone else, especially when that is an extremely private thing. The past few days have caused us to see the former MVP in a new light, and not exactly a great one. For one, Elissa may have managed to turn Kaitlin into a sympathetic figure. Who saw that coming?

This entire conversation was supposed to a strategic one about the decision to keep either Aaryn or Kaitlin in the game, and it’s looking more like the former has a shot at sticking around, despite Kaitlin just striking a two-week deal with Elissa and Helen. We hate to say it given how much she is a slice of human sewage, but Aaryn may actually make the jury at this point just because nobody takes her seriously or likes her in the house.

In case you missed it earlier, GinaMarie is also on the block as the replacement nominee. If you want to read more on that, then check out our full article on the subject over here with the rest of our “Big Brother” news.

Photo: CBS

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