‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: Watch the full Comic-Con panel now!

Doctor WhoWe will start off this “Doctor Who” article with the bad news, mostly because we want to get it out of the way in order to focus on happier times. Sadly, the BBC has still not made the official 50th anniversary special trailer available to the viewing public. This, to us, is somewhat shocking as we assumed that it would be online today, even though there were some internet rumor-starters yesterday that got the fandom into a tizzy by claiming that it was going to be up a couple of hours after the Comic-Con panel.

In many ways, we do genuinely understand the frustration of English fans, sitting at home and proclaiming that because the show originated there, they should have the right to watch the trailer at the same time as every else. We get that. But we suppose that the powers that be have determined that it is better off to dangle this carrot for a time and have most diehard fans in the United Kingdom lose their mind. Wish we could do something more about that.

We also understand why the video author below chose to edit out the videos before publishing the entire Comic-Con discussion below. In their hearts, did they surely want to make the entire footage available to the world? Most likely; however, they do not also want to be chased by a group of angry BBC attorneys (or Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) dressed up as Cyberman. Always better to give the creative people what they want for actually giving us the content in the first place.

Do not fear: There is still great content below worth watching! Craig Ferguson, a life-long Whovian, makes for an excellent moderator thanks to his superior amount of knowledge about the show and its bevy of characters. Meanwhile, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman are kind and gracious, and there is more tangible evidence that there are no fans out there quite as passionate as the ones who have watched this series.

While we do not have the trailer to share for you yet, we do have some impressions of it that you can check out here. It’s not quite the same, but hopefully it will tide you over.

Photo: BBC One, video source here.

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