‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 video: Panel highlights from Katey Sagal, Kurt Sutter

Sons of AnarchyHave you had enough “Sons of Anarchy” coverage just yet? We know that’s not the case, since not every fan has the time, money, resources, or the ability to handle crowds that comes with attending Comic-Con. (Heck, even creator Kurt Sutter seems to struggle with going through the process and the thousands of people every year, and he loves the fans.)

What we have for you below are a few tasty morsels that FX were kind enough to post online today, just for some of you who really wanted to be at the panel in spirit and had to read some news online instead.

1. In Memoriam of Opie – It’s not often that you see people emotionally upset to the extent that they were when Ryan Hurst’s beloved character died during the show last season. He is one of the few people that you would have thought was untouchable, mostly thanks to the sense of hope and “it could get better” that they provide. Unfortunately, this was the slap in the fact that we needed to prove, yet again, that no one within the world of this show is safe.

2. Sutter on when the show will end – Granted, many of you have heard this answer a dozen times on his Q&A sessions, but this time, you get to hear him talk about season 7 being the end at a panel! At least the man has the respect to know that while he could make a season 8 and get millions of viewers, he is better off giving the show the ending that it deserves.

3. Katey Sagal and Theo Rossi – Just a pair of actors explaining very actor-y things, including playing the sort of betrayal that came in the direction of their characters during season 5, and how that will impact them going into the future.

Want some notable quotes to go along with this? Just in case you’re at work or somewhere else where Sutter’s cursing is deemed unacceptable, the story here should do the trick for you.

Photo: FX

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