‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Misha Collins on Castiel’s bodily functions (seriously)

Misha Collins

The great news about seeing the “Supernatural” gang at Comic-Con was that a great time was had by all. There were sizzle reels, goofy comments, Jared Padalecki giving everyone hair envy, and a throng of screaming fans that would give Beliebers a run for their money after spending hours upon hours standing around with anxiety over whether or not they were actually going to make it into the panel.

The bad part? It’s over now, and you have to commit to the dreadful practice of sitting around and now waiting to see what comes next. This is where Misha Collins comes into play, and we like to think that if anything can entertain you for the time being (though probably not until October 15), it is the thought of having to see the Castiel character engage in some practices as “eating” and “fornicating” that probably feel disgusting to someone who was once above all as an angel.

Commence your excitement now by reading what Collins had to say in a chat with TVLine at the convention:

“In the past, we have experienced with Cas losing his powers … but we only skirted along the surface of it. this time, we’re going more deeply into Cas’ humanity. He really is human, he really is completely powerless, and he is trying to fit in …We will see Cas in the bathroom, Cas eating food and seeing what that is like, and we will see Cas in the bedroom.

“… He’s no longer the stalwart, useful ally that he was [to Sam and Dean] … He’s another body, but he is more of a grunt than a superhero.”

Mark A. Sheppard also took part in the interview, and said that Crowley is going to be traumatized by some of what transpired at the church at the end of last season. He also had one of our favorite explanations ever for his character, as he explained that he would rather his be a “malevolent friend” than some full-on supervillain who is endlessly doing bad things and hanging out in a dirty lair.

This is not the only “Supernatural”-related footage that we have for today in the wake of the Comic-Con hysteria. You can check out the rest of our coverage from this weekend here, including some basic teases and a look back at last season.

Photo: The CW

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