‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 3 preview: Jim stages a revolt against Mitt Romney

The NewsroomFor those of you who find “The Newsroom” to be some sort of evil liberal drivel, you are probably going to double-facepalm over the thought of seeing Jim try to stage some sort of grade-A revolt against Mitt Romney’s campaign for not getting any time with the candidate. It’s the little guys trying to take over the big 1% Republican regime!

Okay, now start taking a few deep breaths. Romney is not even the only Republican candidate at the time in which this is taking place, and it’s possible that Jim’s ideas are going to blow up in his face, given that it will be rather hard for Romney to want to sit down with a network that did previously compare a part of his possible support base to the Taliban. The only thing that this guy is succeeding at right now is annoying the heck out of everyone else on the Romney party bus (which seems like the least amount of fun anyone has ever had on a party bus).

In other news, someone has managed to leak to Nina Howard (the gnat of ACN’s parent company) that Will was not really sick when it came time to do the 9/11 anniversary report, and Sloan seems to think that she is the guilty party. What does that mean? To us, the simple answer is that she didn’t do it intentionally, such as she didn’t intentionally try to ruin Maggie’s life by being rude to some fame-crazed “Sex and the City” superfan that is getting thoroughly mocked on the same network that probably has a shrine to Carrie Bradshaw built somewhere in one of their back closets.

“The Newsroom” is such a weird and wacky show in some ways, but we also find it to be thoroughly entertaining and not at all the steaming pile that some suggest. We just want to continue to see progress, and it looks like that will happen with the continuation of this Genoa fiasco, which is going to cause the cable-news empire to fall to its knees and beg for forgiveness.

Last night’s episode was one of the strongest to date, in case you haven’t watched it already and are compulsively spoiling yourself by reading this article. If you want to fuel your addiction more, feel free to click here.

Photo: HBO

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