‘Whodunnit?’ episode 5 review: Lindsey, Cris and Kam take on the house


On tonight’s episode of “Whodunnit?” we pick up from last week where the houseguests were enjoying a morning horseback ride when Ulysses horse went out of control and he got thrown to his death…. or did he?

As per usual the houseguests had a choice to check out three different areas, The morgue, the scene of the crime and the last known whereabouts. The groups break off into the two teams again and head out to the different locations.

The morgue: There are no scratches on Ulysses, but Dana finds a bite on his leg and doesn’t share it with the others. There was also a sign there that showed the poisonous snakes and flowers and ones that weren’t.

The scene of the crime: The horse is fine, but when they check the saddle bag there is a snake in there. There is also a bird cage with a trip wire attached to it so that when the horses went through, the birds would release and spoke the horses.

Last know whereabouts: the names for all of the horses are Greek names except for one that’s named oleander which is a poisonous flower. They find a mortar and pestle with crushed up oleander flower in it.

Afterwards Kam and Cris talk to Lindsey saying that even though they don’t trust her that they have to make sure that they stick together. They are convinced that the other team is going to try to break up and they are right. Geno goes to the other team saying that if one of them comes with them right then that they will guarantee their safety and that the other two will get the scared cards. Even though Lindsey, Kam and Cris decided to say no, Cris decided to with hold the mortar and pestle information about the oleander from Lindsey to see if she ends up playing both sides and ends up with the information regardless.

After a new clue comes in for the group they are sent to a shack where they each have two minutes to find the murder weapon before the next person goes in , until someone correctly identifies it. Cris finds two nails in a board with blood and oleander on them, so she is the only who knows the murder weapon… will she share it with her group? She did and she came clean about the oleander as well. Cris also decides to share some information with Sasha, saying that all the information they needed to know was at the crime scene. She also decided to share information with Ronnie to try and make an alliance with him.

So who got it right and who was left scared? The person who came out on top was Cris, but Sasha, Geno and Dana were scared (first time there were three up for elimination). Everyone returned to Rue Manor that evening and when they wake up in the morning, Dana and Sasha are both dead.

Photo: ABC

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