‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Aaryn all fall apart

GinaMarieLet’s hope that you are not busy writing a sequel to “Mean Girls” right about now with inspiration from the “Big Brother” house this season. After being the tightest clique in the house for the first few weeks of this “Big Brother 15” game, it’s looking like the offensive trio of Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie are finally starting to be at odds with each other.

So what exactly is going on with the three of them? There is no real individual cause of the sudden dissension in the ranks; instead, it is more of the byproduct of constant fighting and rumor-spreading. Amanda is involved, but so is Elissa. Heck, you can even throw Judd in there for saying that Aaryn “twists words” in the first place. Kaitlin had used that comment as an extent to her advantage, and of course Aaryn found out about it and started pouting / claiming that the entire house is against her. She also then blamed Elissa for many of her problems, and of course whined to GinaMarie about them.

Eventually, the buildup of tension led to a near-blowup between Elissa and GinaMarie this afternoon, with the former claiming that she is never going to talk to either of the mean girls again. (Good luck with that.) Elissa is infinitely more likable than either of these people, but her fights in the house this weekend are in some ways indicative of the same problem that her sister Rachel had: She cannot pretend to get along with people that she does not like. We don’t know how much that will hurt her in the long term, but the only person who really seems committed to her game is Helen. She wants Amanda out, Amanda wants her out, and both parties are pulling for support from both Spencer and Howard. (Howard, meanwhile, seems to be with Candice on waiting until after the mean girls are dispatched to do anything else.)

The dust has not really settled yet on these stupid fights, but we still expect Aaryn to leave Thursday, given that Elissa is not going home thanks to her Power of Veto.

If you want to check out some more of where all of the nastiness this weekend started (and it really traces back mostly to the MVP), be sure to head on over to the link here.

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