‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: The Comic-Con trailer is exciting, but…

Breaking BadThere is a major trend starting to form here when it comes to the final season of “Breaking Bad,” especially when it comes to trying to get some sort of specific scoop about it: You’re going to be left empty-handed. Just on new footage alone, there is absolutely none in the trailer that the show unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego Sunday.

This is not to say, though, that this trailer is completely devoid of exciting moments. Somehow or another, almost every single thing that you could want from a “Breaking Bad” trailer is jammed within this video. There are moments of Jesse Pinkman shouting the b-word, a “better call Saul” quote, Gus Fring with half of his face blown off, some great Mike moments, Skyler White underwater, and of course the quote that has many fans of this show mesmerized to this day: “I am the danger.”

Obviously, the reason for this secrecy at this point is very simple: Vince Gilligan is clearly very proud of the sort of work that has gone into making this show as fantastic as it is, and he does not want to do anything at all to remotely jeopardize any expectations. Almost any scene that he could show would be a major spoiler, and sometimes it is better to not show off anything.

What do you think about this “Breaking Bad” trailer, and are you bummed in any way by the lack of new footage thrown in here? If you want to hear more of what Gilligan has to say on the “Better Call Saul” spin-off, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: AMC

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