‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The Elissa / Amanda aftermath

ElissaNow that the morning is officially upon us in “Big Brother 15’s” famous house, the picture is starting to become a little clearer as to what really transpired last night to cause the breakdown of Amanda, and have it be by and large all thanks to Elissa’s own actions.

Basically, what we’ve been able to surmise is that what caused Amanda to burst into tears was hearing from Elissa that she looked like a “stripper” in her outfit that she wore for McCrae’s birthday celebration, even if she already said that about herself. Amanda was probably just on the tip of cracking anyway, based on the gossip that started to form in the house about her being a major target for eviction over the past several days.

Of course, most of the morning has continued to be Amanda-bashing by various people, including Spencer for saying that she is not thinking about what she is doing before putting it on TV (which really is a “pot meet kettle” sort of moment if we never heard of it). Has Amanda said some awful stuff this season? Sure, but at least she owns up to some of what she does, and does not put on a happy face in the DR and act like a completely different person.

Save for the Amanda talk, this has still been a quiet morning as most people are still waking up for the day. Judd is still in solitary confinement from the day before thanks to the Power of Veto Competition, and thus has without a doubt the most miserable reign of Head of Household this entire season. Helen’s trying to catch up after the Veto forced her into a curfew, Jessie is acting somewhat holier-and-thou, and Andy is proving to be very smart by explaining almost perfectly how America voted for Elissa in as the MVP, and reminds everyone that she has plenty of haters just as Rachel Reilly has plenty of fans.

If you do want to read some more updates straight from the world of “Big Brother 15,” we advise you to just head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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