‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Punishments, and the end of the Amanda show?

AmandaWhile we know that production was not entirely hoping for Elissa to be nominated thanks to this new MVP twist on “Big Brother 15,” the move has still erupted in some absolutely insane drama in the house. This is turning out to be a crazy week, and that could continue based on what happens at the Power of Veto Ceremony with the replacement nominee.

But before we do anything else, let’s talk punishments! Many of the houseguests were forced into some terrible things as a result of their performance in the competition this week. Elissa clearly won (and Kaitlin has complained that she cheated and the entire competition is rigged for her), McCrae won himself $5,000 that he feels bad about, Helen has been forced into a curfew, and Judd has the dreaded solitary confinement. He’s now stuck in the lounge, where he has a giant alarm clock that goes off and he has a bucket to do his business in. We’ve seen this before, but it’s usually later in the season.

Now, we turn to the main event: Helen telling Elissa that Amanda (stupidly) told her to not use the Veto on Elissa if she wins it, and chaos ensued where the entire house was ready to completely unload on Amanda and send her out the door as soon as possible. They all think that she is running the game, and then, things got worse when Candice heard that she told Aaryn she was not going home this week. (What do you think Amanda is going to tell her, that she’s sending her packing? It’s a game.) This resulted in a heavy back-and-forth where Candice pleaded for Howard to be safe, mostly because he came clean about his lies and she is desperate to see the racist go home.

Basically, all of this gossip is perpetuated by no one knowing who the MVP is this week, and by Aaryn being on the block creating even more drama than there would have been had the MVP put her up outright. The biggest winner in all this? Judd. There’s no blood on his hands for having to nominate another person, and he has sympathy courtesy of solitary.

Do you think that Amanda could be sent home this week, even if she is put up by the MVP on Monday night? If you want to read some more news from the live feed that got us to this point, just be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: CBS

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