‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: Getting adjusted back at ‘home’

NCISFor those of you looking for more of the latest Cote de Pablo gossip today, we want to start this “NCIS” article by just saying this: While we could spend weeks digging up the details, the truth is just that she decided to leave the show, and so we press on. We know that there are petitions and fans hoping to see a change, but the reality here is that the decision for her to leave was not taken lightly, and given that scripts have already been written, we don’t see it changing in the immediate future.

Could there be something that happens in the future? It’s theoretically possible, but there are so many factors that come into play (including how Ziva leaves the show) that it is not worth thinking too much about.

Now, let’s move on to share some goodies from the set this week.

Dietzen1. Brian Dietzen – Brian has a rather busy few months ahead for him, so why not share a picture of his so-called “home”? This is what he referred to his trailer as in a post on his Twitter, and when you consider the absolutely insane hours that many of these actors work on these shows, the name is really even more appropriate than it would first seem to many of you.

We’re sure it is frustrating to not have much in the way of scoop on what will be happening for Brian this year, but the best explanation we can give right now for the silence is as follows: Production just started this week, and we expect producers to be extra-secretive thanks to Cote’s exit leading up to the premiere. Maybe after Ziva is gone from the show, they may be more forthcoming.

Pauley2. Pauley Perrette – Pauley continues her tradition of being kind to the fans and shared a photo of Abby’s dress from the show’s set. Even though many things have changed over the course of the show’s we’re glad that some things still manage to stay the same … including some of the character’s choice in fashion.

Do you want to check out some more news and photos from the “NCIS” world? If so, just be sure to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: CBS, Twitter / Brian Dietzen, Pauley Perrette

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