‘Orphan Black’ season 2: Tatiana Maslany talks Emmy snub, cast previews future

Orphan BlackIf there was a snub to end all snubs for the Primetime Emmy Awards nominations yesterday, it was Tatiana Maslany for “Orphan Black.” Specifically, we referred to the omission as a “joke,” and still feel like this is evidence that sometimes, Emmy voters choose what they know versus what is new and exciting, almost like they were people afraid of the internet when it first came out.

However, you really do have to admire the sort of attitude that Maslany has right now in the way of what could be a pretty devastating time for her. Anyone would totally understand if she wanted to sit around and mope about this, but she’s not doing that at all. Instead, she told TVLine that even though she did not get any Emmy love, her omission could still help the show tremendously at the end of the day:

“It is nice that our show gets more publicity out of [the snub]. Hopefully people go like, ‘Oh, who are they talking about…?’”

Maslany is right in that this is a show that needs all of the attention that it can get, and we’re sure that in between this and other news, word of mouth will spread enough so that there is a substantial ratings increase between seasons one and two.

Meanwhile, Dylan Bruce also talked to the site briefly about the sort of attitude and feeling that the show’s upcoming season 2 production is going to have for his character Paul, who had a pretty ambiguous ending to season 1:

“We’re definitely going to be hitting the ground running, and it is going to be very interesting to see what he does.”

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Photo: BBC America

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