Comic-Con 2013: ‘Bones’ season 9 boss promises Booth – Brennan wedding

Bones season 8One of the biggest events at Comic-Con on Friday was the panel discussion for the ninth season of “Bones,” and this one started off with a promise from series boss Hart Hanson about the future of two of the characters: There is going to be a wedding that takes place between Booth and Brennan. Therefore, if you are worried for whatever reason about the couple’s future, there is really no need to do so at all.

But when will the pair be walking down the aisle? That is the mystery, along with the when and how when it comes to the eventual death of longtime Big Bad Pelant. Hanson basically let it slip that he knows how it will happen, but did not divulge and other specific details. The biggest asset Booth has on his side moving forward is a former priest, who could become a confidante of Booth’s in a sense when it comes to figuring out how to make the threats against his family go away.

As for a few other details…

-Sweet and Daisy are still a part of the show, so do not completely rule out the possibility that they could end up getting together at some point down the road.

-There will be a new squintern this year who is in a wheelchair, and who also is very inappropriate and adds this sort of dimension to the group.

-The time jump between the finale last spring and the premiere will be about three months, which is about standard when you think about this show.

-One particularly interesting case this year will take Booth and Brennan to a couples’ retreat, where they have a good chance to learn more about each other. This is hardly the first story to go this route, but it is traditionally entertaining and we don’t really mind.

Want to see some more specifics from David Boreanaz about this coming season? If so, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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