‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The major move against Kaitlin and Aaryn

KaitlinThere are so many different ways in which to play “Big Brother”: You can make a big move to help yourself this week, or you can do something to neutralize people in the weeks to come. When it comes to our new Head of Household in Judd, he has to figure out a way in which to situate himself long-term in a way that keeps him safe, and it could include trying to reduce some of the drama in the house.

Last night, it appeared as though we were going to see Kaitlin and GinaMarie both go up on the block, and that does still seem to be partially the case. However, there is also a major movement at the moment to take out Aaryn by any means necessarily, sparked in part by Helen finding out that she is spreading rumors about her telling Kaitlin that she is going home.

Now, we know for sure that Jessie wants Kaitlin gone is pushing hard for this to happen, partially because (even if she’s not saying it) she’s upset that she got the attention from Jeremy, and that Kaitlin was making fun of her. There are also worries about Amanda trying to get her under her thumb, and they want to make sure that she does not have that much power.

The one thing that we can say for sure? That with the thinking that Howard will not have anyone to work with after some of these people are gone in mind, Judd may end up keeping him around. Plus, neither he nor Spencer are stirring up anything. The best thing for the house (and for Judd) could be to just get one of the three ladies out, and that includes GinaMarie.

What do you think: Is Judd making the right move if he doesn’t actually target Howard? If you want to read some more news straight from the “Big Brother 15” house, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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