‘Sherlock’ season 3: See Benedict Cumberbatch’s hilarious Comic-Con message

Sherlock season 2While neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor Martin Freeman were able to attend San Diego Comic-Con this year to promote “Sherlock,” they certainly make their presence felt. How so? Let’s just say that it involved what is currently our frontrunner for the best video that we have seen from the convention.

In the clip, you can see the two actors hilariously explain their absence to viewers at the panel discussion for the series, which still had the likes of Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue present. While Freeman’s was relatively short, Cumberbatch went completely on a tear, talking at first about all of the other roles that he is playing in such projects as “Star Trek Into Darkness” or the upcoming installment in “The Hobbit” trilogy, only to later realize that he was actually present to talk about “Sherlock.”

From here, Cumberbatch promptly decided that he was tired of keeping his entire life a secret, given that this is something that he has been forced into doing for much of the past couple of years of his life. Is this a relatively tiring affair for him? We have to assume that it is, and it is for that reason that he “broke down” and decided to explain the full story of how Sherlock survived. The video gag from here is familiar, as the signal ultimately “cuts.” However, what we did have here was pretty hilarious as we saw him narrating the story by referencing tea, vegetables, and even used stuffed monkey as a visual aid. Brilliant.

Episode 3 of “Sherlock” season 3 will begin shooting soon, and Cumberbatch has already campaigned for another season, which makes sense given that he and Freeman are optioned for one more year.

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Photo: BBC One

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