‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Jeremy’s last stand; who’s playing the best?

Jeremy McGuireEven though it still looks like Jeremy is leaving the “Big Brother 15” house Thursday night, the self-proclaimed “chief” is putting up a fight. Even hours before the start of the live show, he is doing his best to campaign left and right. He for sure would have the support of both Kaitlin and GinaMarie, and he is at least pushing for McCrae and Amanda to throw him a bone.

What is the offer that he is making him? It’s rather simple: To lend him a hand, and he will literally stay in the game and do everything that he wants, even evict himself when called upon to do so. This is basically the same sort of deal that we saw him try to make with Helen yesterday, and she was quick to smartly say to not trust it in a million years.

While McCrae said that he would talk to Amanda about it, this is not really going to go anywhere. For one, Jeremy would need two more votes to avoid a tie, since you really cannot count on Helen casting a tie-breaker vote to keep him in the game. Who is going to support Jeremy? Another problem here is who Jeremy’s supporters vote out instead; if you say to vote Aaryn, GinaMarie may not be willing to do that, and Howard may not want to vote Spencer.

So in conclusion, Jeremy’s screwed. As for who is not so screwed, we’ve got our weekly list yet again of who is playing the best overall game in the house right now.

3. Andy – Does a great job of being everywhere, and is not on anyone’s radar. The problem is that he’s so under-the-radar that he could never win this game if he keeps it up.

2. Amanda – She’s a little bit of a target, but she’s proven herself to be a pretty smart player. Elissa would not be here were it not for her, and she has puppet-mastered most of this without winning a single competition.

1. Judd – In the end, though, Judd still has the most going for him. He’s made moves a little bit more openly than Andy, but he’s not a target on the same sort of level as Amanda.

Do you think that Jeremy will have a memorable exit from the game, and who do you want to see win Head of Household? If you want to read some more news from the “Big Brother 15” live feed, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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