‘Breaking Bad’ series finale spoilers: Trying to find the meaning in ‘Felina’

Breaking BadAMC  confirmed on Thursday every single episode title, writer, and director for the remaining episodes of “Breaking Bad.” There’s a lot of interesting details in here, even if the episode descriptions barely give away much of anything. (Therefore, it’s almost moot to really include them at all.)

From the standpoint of writing / directing, the biggest news is that Bryan Cranston directs “Blood Money,” which is the show’s first episode back on August 11. He is the only star of the show to get into the chair during these final eight episodes, and he has plenty of experience as a director already (including two previous installments of this show from earlier on in its run). Meanwhile, creator Vince Gilligan is listed as both the writer and the director for the series finale, which carries with it the title of “Felina.”

So what does “Felina” mean? The first thing worth pointing out here is that it is an anagram of the word “finale,” so this was chosen deliberately. Whether or not it is a name of a character or a place on the show remains to be seen, mostly because we don’t think that Gilligan would really try that hard to be cute when it comes to naming his characters something that correlated so directly to the end of the series.

In order, the titles for the remaining episodes are as follows: “Blood Money,” “Buried,” “Confessions,” “Rabid Dog,” “To’hajiilee,” “Ozymandias,” “Granite State,” and “Felina.” In case you are wondering, the Granite State happens to be New Hampshire, which is also the state ID that Walt showed the waitress at the start of season 5.

What do you think about some of these titles? If you want to check out some more scoop on the “Breaking Bad” premiere, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: AMC

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