‘Necessary Roughness’ season 3, episode 5 review: Things get complicated, and for the better

Necessary RoughnessAnyone who has read some of our recent reviews for USA’s “Necessary Roughness” is probably aware of one thing at this point: We have not been the biggest fan of this retooled season. The name of the show hasn’t made as much sense anymore, and it feels like T.K.’s story is sometimes just roped in out of nowhere to keep things interesting.

However, we saw for the first time some real changes for Wednesday night’s new episode, and they were significantly for the better. We had a patient for Dr. Dani that she could not help, an agency in V3 that is starting to crumble, and T.K. being at least partially involved in the story and doing things with all of the other characters.

Personally, what we probably did appreciate the most here was seeing the pieces start to slowly fall apart for John Stamos. Connor has himself a great little organization, but it was clear quite a while ago that there were going to be some holes in the foundation. We’re glad that they are starting to come into focus thanks to this whole FBI fiasco, and we are also at the same time starting to see just what sort of person he really is when it comes to the business world.

There are some very tough times ahead for V3, and where this story put Dani tonight is a very interesting position. She knew more about the FBI leak than anyone else alive, and her patient took his life before he could share any answers. Ethically, she may have done the right thing … but could she have told someone when she realized that there was trouble brewing?

Thanks in part to this story, are you more excited about this season than you otherwise have been to this point? We want to read some more of your thoughts below! If you want to also read some more news when it comes to this show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: USA

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