‘America’s Got Talent’ review: ; Travis Pratt sent home; Collins Key, Special Head advance

America's Got TalentWednesday night marked the end of the “America’s Got Talent” Vegas Week auditions, which to us of course means that we are extremely close now to finding out who is going to be performing at Radio City Music Hall later this month. Exciting? Definitely, but the acts themselves were a little bit of a mixed bag.

As we said in our review yesterday, there are so many people who are shown off here that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Therefore, the acts who performed tonight below are the ones that really stood out from the pack.

Kid singers

Genesis Nava – Definitely a unique name. We don’t honestly remember if she was shown during the first auditions for the show or not, but she did well without her father.

Ciana Pelekai – Anyone from Hawaii has to be a threat if she gets through, just because that state really stands behind their own.

Magic acts

R.J. Cantu – A solid levitation trick, but the same thing we’ve seen a million times.

Naathan Phan – He’s just weird. A great comic, but also very weird.

Collins Key– One of the better teen magicians we’ve seen … we liked him until he referred to himself a “teenage heartthrob,” and then we wanted to barf. No thank you. A great trick, though.

Ariann Black – We were so excited to have a female magician on the show, and we were wanting to really root for her. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Wild cards

Special Head – We didn’t really think this was anywhere near levitation; it takes strength, but it is hard to just bend over really far.

Megan Piphus – It’s the female Terry Fator! Sadly, she’s not nearly as good as Terry Fator, who by the way is completely rolling in money right now as one of the best competition winners ever.

Mike Bone – Two extremely lame “rappers” who were deservedly sent home before they really even got a shot to do anything.


Marty Brown – A good country singer, but there was nothing particularly memorable about this one.

David Fenley – You have to love the rasp, right? He was awesome here.

Paul Thomas Mitchell – A pretty good “white man with guitar” kind of singer that we’ve seen on “American Idol” over the years, but without a lot of range in the voice.

Jonathan Allen – What power this guy has! There was so much emotion in here that he could be a favorable.

Travis Pratt – There’s still something crazy about this voice coming out of this guy’s mouth, given that it is something that is so incredible.

Now, the big news when it comes to the results. The biggest shocker was seeing Travis Pratt be sent home. We also were surprised by Paul Thomas Mitchell, though some of our other favorites (Special Head, Hype) advanced.

We don’t want to attack the kid acts here, but why did both of the ballroom-dancing kids go through when one of them made a big mistake? Having a personality is not enough.

Who are you rooting for on “America’s Got Talent” moving forward? If you want to read more news for the show, you can do so over here.

Photo: NBC

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