‘Big Brother’ 15 review: Kaitlin’s big decision

KaitlinThis season of “Big Brother” has been like no other filled with controversy over many racist remarks from a few of the houseguests, so will one of them be going home tomorrow night? Lets take a look at what’s happening in the house and see how the veto sways the eviction this week.

After effects of The Moving Company: After Howard lied about his alliance, Helen went to Spencer and he was completely honest with her and threw Howard under the bus. After Helen put on the waterworks, Spencer felt terrible and pledged his allegiance to her. He then told Howard what he said to Helen and suggested he come clean. Howard told Helen everything (in front of everyone) and threw Jeremy under the bus as a “bully”, and tried to sway the MVP vote to put Jeremy up.

MVP: Guess who won the MVP? In a surprise to no one, Elissa was voted MVP once again meaning Helen and Elissa really held all the power this week. Even though Amanda and McCrae pushed hard for Elissa to put up Howard after all of his lying and scheming, Elissa felt that they had their own agenda (and kind of revealed it in a small disagreement), so she decided on Spencer. The real target is Jeremy and in a very smart move, they decided not to put him on the block in order to stop him from playing in the veto. Will it work?

Veto: Aaryn, Helen, Kaitlin, Spencer, GinaMarie and Candice are the players for the veto this week making this a total win for Helen and Elissa and their plan to backdoor Jeremy. Aaryn and Kaitlin realize the Jeremy plan is in effect so Kaitlin asks GinaMarie if she wins the veto not to use it. Amanda tells Kaitlin that is wins the veto and doesn’t take herself off to save Jeremy that she will go home. The veto competition was a memory test and who ever got all of the pictures in the right order won the veto. So who won the veto? It was Kaitlin…

Kaitlin’s decision: Jeremy is doing his best to charm Kaitlin into not using the veto and using their social game to get Helen to put Howard up. When Kaitlin goes to Helen with her Howard plan, Helen tells her that Jeremy is the target because the house wants it. When Kaitlin tells Jeremy the news he takes it very well. What did Kaitlin do? She used the veto on herself and Jeremy is on the block in her place.

Do you think that Kaitlin made the right choice taking herself off the block? Do you want to see Jeremy go home? Leave us a comment and tell us who you want to see go home this week on “Big Brother” 15. Want more “Big Brother”15 news? Just click here.

Photo: CBS

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