‘Suits’ season 3 premiere review: Are Mike and Rachel finally together?

SuitsYou’ve been waiting for months for it to happen, and on Tuesday night, the season 3 premiere of “Suits” happened. Did it deliver? The answer here is clearly yes, and then some. It was a fantastic hour that really gave us what we wanted on every level, whether you are talking about resolving old stories are starting up new ones.

We’ll start with what is the big news: Mike and Rachel are kind of together. Maybe. There is clearly the chemistry there, and Rachel does appreciate that he has finally pulled a OneRepublic and gave all of his secrets away. The problem? It’s only to her. He has yet to really give up what he legally does not deserve, and she has a problem with this given how hard she has worked to make her own dreams into a reality in the world of law.

Mike’s problems really did not get any easier at work: He has Jessica on his side at first, but desperate to win something back from Harvey, he is trying once again to re-align himself. The issue with that is fairly simple in that Harvey still wants to take Jessica down, and he’s once again placed in that situation where he has to pick a side.

Our favorite story of the entire night, though, was surprisingly the tale of Louis Litt, who quickly learned the power of the British imports when the quartermaster completely managed to screw him over when it came to his own job, especially when it comes to how easy he did it thanks to pens and snack bars. It’s always entertaining to see Louis beg, right?

Oh, and we also should mention the performance of Michelle Fairley, who played a very different role than Catelyn Stark here: A powerful oil tycoon that Harvey is trying to protect, but there are some major problems in their way … mostly an attorney with a major ax to grind and a political position that they want.

What did you think about this “Suits” premiere as a whole? If you want to check out some more news when it comes to this show, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

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