‘Whodunnit?’ episode 4 review: The house tries to sabotage Lindsey and Ulysses

Whodunnit?Last week’s episode of “Whodunnit?” left with the cliffhanger of Don going to the kitchen to cook his steak breakfast when a mountain lion is released and rips him to shreds. Giles puts the lion to sleep with a tranquilizer and the game begins!

Scene of the crime: There is barely any blood at the crime scene and a few bloody paw prints. They find a pressure plate that releases a trap door in the wall that released the cat. Ronnie retraces Don’s steps and realizes that the stove has something to do with the death, but doesn’t share the news with the rest of the group.

The morgue: Don’s body has weird red splotches on his hands and body that don’t look like blood, but there’s also white powder on his shirt. Also there’s not much blood on him which is strange to the contestants and a few bloody paw prints on his back.

The mountain lion: A new area is open to the contestants and they can look at the mountain lion while it’s still asleep. They find a tag with “special delivery” written on it and also that the cat has blood in it’s teeth and mouth.

The house is still divided into two groups, but neither group wants to deal with Lindsey because she’s playing both sides, but team Ulysses decides to let her stay on board. Lindsey and Cris overhears the other group talking smack about them as well as the information that Ronnie got about the stove and about Don maybe being poisoned. Cris later talks to girls from the other team and admits that they overheard Ronnie’s information. Ronnie talks to the house about trying to set Lindsey up to be eliminated by the killer and after agreeing, they inform their groups to hide the next clue from Lindsey. Could Ronnie be the killer? It’s certainly starting to look that way.

Unfortunately for everyone Lindsey and her small group finds the answer to the next clue (leading us to believe that Lindsey may also be a possibility for the killer). Geno ends up being the person that finds the last clue, but before he has a chance to tell the group, Dana has figured it out from looking at the body and that Don was poisoned. Geno decides to sabotage Lindsey and Ulysses and gives them fake information to make sure they get the scared cards, but Kam outs the house on what they are trying to do to Lindsey and Ulysses (Kam is also on our radar as the killer.)

So who ended up with the scared cards tonight? A lot of people are starting to think that Kam is the killer, but with Dana being in the winners circle tonight that left Kam and Ulysses being scared. The killer calls and tells everyone to be at the stables in the morning and during a morning ride the horses get spooked and Ulysses gets thrown from his horse and is killed.

Do you think the right person died tonight? Did you think that Ulysses was the killer? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Whodunnit?” and who you think is the killer.

Photo: ABC

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