‘Big Brother 15’ review: GinaMarie’s epic meltdown, Aaryn’s racism hits a new low

GinaMarieWith Helen now in power we have been totally excited for this Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 15” to see what she has planned for the bullies of the house, because you know she’s planning on giving them a hurting they’ll never forget, so let’s get to it!

Nick’s eviction: GinaMarie has completely lost her mind and was screaming at the house while threatening to come after everyone. GinaMarie later can’t stop crying over Nick leaving the house and even though she’s been nasty to Candice, she comforts GinaMarie.

The racism: The one thing that was really great to see CBS do this week was put up a disclaimer before tonight’s episode stating that they do not have the same views as the houseguests. The reason they did this was because there was a huge fight that broke out where more racism was thrown around. Aaryn and Kaitlin got into a fight with Jessie over the votes then Aaryn and flipped Candice’s bed and when she decided to confront the people in the room about who did it, Aaryn and GinaMarie both start making racist stereotypes to Candice’s face. She tried to fight back when GinaMarie physically got in her face, but there’s not getting through to them. Howard suggested that she sleep elsewhere and after a long talk they decide to find another space to stay. What was the greatest moment of the show was when Amanda came into the room and called out Aaryn about her racism and Aaryn says with a straight face that she’s not racist and that the show is just making her look bad. Can we say delusional? Aaryn later tries to apologizes to Candice, saying that she’s sorry if her comments were taken the wrong way, but that she is not racist. Unfortunately it seems that it’s mostly for game play and to make sure that Candice doesn’t say nasty things later say things about her.

The Moving Company: With Nick gone and the alliance in shambles, members of the Moving company decided to deal with the situation in different ways. McCrae’s alliance with Amanda is even tighter then it was before after telling her about the broken alliance, Spencer’s alliance seems to be with Helen now, Howard is lost and Jeremy is in deep trouble and he knows it so he starts sucking up to Helen and Elissa.

Have Not competition: The competition was to toss rotten milk from team mates bucket to bucket to fill up a jug and which ever group fills it last is a Have Not for the week. In the end Judd, Jessie, Amanda and McCrae are the Have Nots.

Nominations: Helen decided to put Aaryn and Kaitlin with hopes that Elissa will win MVP again and they can find a way to back door Jeremy.

Do you think that Aaryn and┬áKaitlin were the right people for Helen to nominate this week? Do you like her plan to backdoor Jeremy? Leave us a comment and tell us what you would do if you were in power this week. Want more “Big Brother 15” spoilers? Be sure to check them out here.

Photo: CBS

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