‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Drew Kenney, Chris Siegfried compete for Desiree Hartsock

DrewWe’re just a few short weeks away from the end of Desiree Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and thanks to some revelations that were made at the end of this past episode, we really believe that the truth is even more clear than it ever was before: Brooks Forester is the favorite by a mile. When your leading lady is 90% sure before hometown dates even happen, then you really get the feeling that the other guys are just coasting.

So do any of the other guys in this competition right now really have much of a chance? That all depends on just how much stock you give to the idea of them being able to turn the tide, or to Brooks’ hometown date possibly falling apart at the seams. We’ve ranked all of the final four based on everything that we have seen as of late, and therefore feel like this is pretty clear-cut.

4. Zak Waddell – These rankings are the same as last week, and for good reason: Nothing has changed in our eyes. Zak’s a much cooler guy than we first gave him credit for, and we think that he is going to have no problem at all meeting the right woman for him in the real world. It’s just not going to be Desiree, since they are not at the same place emotionally she is with the other men.

3. Chris Siegfried – We don’t discount Chris and his ability to pull out some sort of magic poem that sweeps our lady completely off her feet, but that may be what he needs at this point. There’s passion here, but we’re not really seeing a lot of the fun and the story to go with it. There needs to be that perfect balance for this relationship to succeed.

2. Drew Kenney – Drew has really put on the accelerator since looking like a background player the first few weeks, and he’s genuinely gaining on Brooks. If he can find a way to blow Desiree away on the hometown dates while Brooks intimidates her with his giant crowd of a family, this could be a more competitive race.

1. Brooks Forester – But we’re not there yet. Based on the comments that Desiree made to Chris Harrison – You could drop Brad Pitt circa 1999 into the competition and Desiree would pick Brooks over him. The lady is, shall we say, completely smitten with him right now.

Who is your favorite guy right now? In addition to sharing your thoughts below, be sure to also click here. That’s where you will find the latest tease for Monday night’s episode.

Photo: ABC

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