‘AMC’s The Killing’ season 3, episode 8 preview: Linden’s last resort

The KillingBefore you watch Sunday night’s new episode of “The Killing” season 3, here is one simple request: Try to put yourself in Sarah Linden’s shoes. You are tired and exhausted, then you have a sudden kick of adrenaline courtesy of the worst-possible scenario: Pastor Mike has a knife to your throat, and one wrong move in the car means that it is going to be the end for you forever.

So how can you really get yourself out of this situation? The cold reality here is that there is no guarantee that she can pull the chute on this crazy person. Oftentimes, you just have to try and beg and/or feed off of the sympathy of the person responsible for capturing you, and hope that they have a particularly generous bone in your body.

The problem for Linden here is that in the sneak peek below, it does not look very much like the Pastor is really in much of a mood at all to hand her a gesture of good faith. Instead, he seems particularly willing to do her in once and for all. Sound terrifying? Well, that is because it definitely is. We don’t have a lot of confidence that Linden’s words are going to save her life here, and if she wants to survive, she may have to rely on the help of someone else.

This is where another problem enters the fray, as there really is no one else that even knows that she has been captured, at least not at first. She’s going to have to hope that someone is able to figure this out, and pretty quickly.

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Photo: AMC, video via SpoilerTV

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