‘The Voice’ UK: Could Cheryl Cole really replace Jessie J as a coach?

The VoiceWell, the British tabloids are at it again: Creating some completely crazy rumors regarding who could be favored to replace Jessie J as a coach on “The Voice” UK, which will have its third series air at some point early next year. Earlier this month, the actual “contenders” that were announced for the gig included the likes of Rita Ora and Emeli Sande. So who is entering the fray now? Cheryl Cole.

Yes, Cheryl is the British equivalent of an American site writing about Justin Bieber circa 2011: Almost everyone did it because they wanted traffic, and at that time there was absolutely no one more popular on the planet in the world of music. According to some British bookies, Cheryl is actually the favorite now to land the new position on the panel over pretty much anyone else that was not on the show previously. What’s the reason for that? We’re guessing it is just the public and the press voting to see someone on the show again that they already know rather well and remember rather fondly.

As for whether or not there is actually much of a chance of that happening, let’s put it this way: We have a better shot of suddenly waking up tomorrow and see an inexpensive flying Audi in our driveway. While Cheryl has had her feuds with Simon Cowell over the years, the two are back on reasonably good terms, and we have a next-to-impossible time imagining Cheryl actually going over to a show that is a direct rival of Simon’s own hit-making talent competition. There’s just no way that we see her doing that to him.

Do you actually want to see Cheryl on “The Voice” UK, or do you think that it is far better for her to not just be recycled on another talent competition? If you want to read some more news regarding the latest rumors, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: BBC One

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