‘Big Brother 15′: Nick Uhas on reaction to Aaryn Gries’ racism, GinaMarie’s tears

NickWe found ourselves in a weird situation following Thursday’s “Big Brother 15” eviction episode. We didn’t like the vast majority of everyone that Nick Uhas was aligned with, but we were still sad that he was nominated by MVP Elissa over someone like GinaMarie or Kaitlin, who were much more expendable in the game. This exit did lead to the dissolution of the Moving Company, but we lost someone who was genuinely interested in playing the game while GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Kaitlin all pout in the house and threatened to quit.

Speaking of Aaryn, of course every reporter under the sun was ready to ask Nick about some of the racist remarks she and others (including GinaMarie and Spencer) made in the game, and his reaction was at least somewhat better then David Girton trying to claim that Aaryn was still a good person last week. Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” he claims that first of all, he was surprised by Aaryn’s comments since she did not present that side of her to him; as a matter of fact, it sounds like he tried to avoid most racist talk like it was the plague:

“I was not privy to a lot of those conversations, I wouldn’t partake in those kinds of conversations outside the Big Brother house, but I know outside the house, the best way to absolutely drop that conversation is to go radio silent. And for the most part, I was radio silent in the house, but when those conversations came up, I was really silent.”

Nick also said that it was “real life,” and he sees no issue in Aaryn and GinaMarie being fired over comments that they would get fired for making in the real world.

On the subject of GinaMarie’s hysterical crying (which literally lasted hours after he left the house), he claims that he really saw it primarily as a sign of flattery that he made such an imprint on her in their time together:

“I take that as a compliment [laughs]. That’s fantastic. It took such a long time for me to warm up to the fact that her feelings could be real that it was almost too late for me to acknowledge those feelings were genuine. I can see it now because, as honest as I was, I was being very cautious with my words. Looking back at it, if [her feelings] were real the whole time, we were so deep. The house puts you in a situation where you need somebody because the house is so crazy, you need someone to vent to.”

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Photo: CBS

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