‘Dexter’ series finale: Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C. Hall film final scene

DexterWhile “Dexter” fans may still have a couple of months to go until the show comes to a close on Showtime, the sad news coming out now from the Los Angeles set is that after eight years, filming has ceased, and the final scenes have been shot.

When it comes to Jennifer Carpenter specifically, she announced on Wednesday night (via Twitter) that she and Michael C. Hall were filming their last scene together. Reason to shed a tear? Definitely. These two have gone through more then probably any other two leads over the years, both on and off the show, and we imagine that this had to be extremely emotional finally compartmentalizing everything and learning to say goodbye to these characters. Perhaps Michael was able to help her through it somewhat, being that he does have some substantial experience with series finales dating back to “Six Feet Under.”

When it comes to the story for this finale, good luck finding¬†anything¬†out before it airs; and to be honest, anyone who wants to know the final scene before it happens is out of their mind. There is nothing worse than having something you’ve put almost a decade into suddenly destroyed before your eyes. But know this: It will be intense, and no matter what goes down during it, the producers, writers, actors, and everyone involved will be going all-out here to give you one of the best viewing experiences possible.

Since speculation is always entertaining, we will ask this: What do you want to see unfold during the “Dexter” finale? In addition to sharing your thoughts below, you can click here to read some more news when it comes to Deb’s more immediate future on the show.

Photo: Showtime

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