‘Big Brother’ 15 review: Elissa Slater vs The Moving Company

ElissaWe have been excited all week ever since we heard that a “Big Brother” legend was going to be making some sort of appearance tonight and while we have been hoping that it would be Dan Gheesling, it really could be anyone. So let’s get right to tonight’s episode and see where our two nominees (Helen and Elissa) stand.

Moving Company: They are being completely arrogant about their alliance and even though Candice is positive that there’s an all guys alliance, no one’s listening to her except Elissa.

Nick and the ladies: Jessie was desperate to land Nick at as showmance a few days ago and now GinaMarie is trying to get into Nick’s pants. Is he falling for anyone? Nope, his focus is solely in the game.

MVP: Elissa is the MVP once again which is a shocker to no one and she quickly tells Helen. They come up with a great plan to put up KaitlinĀ  and backdoor Jeremy, but they end up talking themselves out of it and they decided to put up Jeremy. Aaryn immediately thinks the MVP is Elissa based on Jeremy going on the block.

Veto: Elissa, Helen, Jeremy, Aaryn, Amanda and Nick all played in the Veto. Elissa tries to make a deal with Nick that if he throws the veto or wins it and keeps the nominations the same then she won’t put him up for two weeks, but if he throws the Veto to Jeremy then she will replace Jeremy with Nick. Britney Haynes turned out to be the returning houseguest, but only through video and she helped to introduce the Veto competition. So who won the Veto this week? Of course it was Jeremy and Elissa is forced to choose another nominee.

Replacement nominee: Jeremy immediately goes to work on the Moving Company giving them an ultimatum that if Elissa doesn’t go home this week he’ll know something’s up and he’ll back out of the alliance. The motive in this is that he’s trying to save Kaitlin. Candice pushes her theory of the all guy alliance and suggests Nick going up, but Elissa doesn’t want to break her word to Nick after making a deal with him. Elissa tries to talk to Nick to see if their deal is still in place and he basically says no. So who does she choose?

With Elissa’s choice to replace Jeremy with Nick, she has punched her ticket out of the house as the Moving Company has now put the focus on getting Elissa out. Unless she pulls some outstanding social moves in the house, she’s in big trouble and the Moving Company will be moving her out next.

Do you think there could’ve been a better replacement nominee that Elissa could’ve gone with? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Big Brother 15”.

Photo: CBS

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