‘True Blood’ season 6, episode 4 preview: Alexander Skarsgard’s latest chat

Alexander SkarsgardWhat in the world is Willa Burrell really up to on “True Blood” season 6? On the surface, the daughter on the Louisiana Governor actually seems like the perfect ally to Eric Northman and the vampires: She shows hatred for her father, has a certain amount of pull over him, and also knows many important secrets.

However, at the same time there is something that you almost always have to remember when it comes to this show: People lie almost as much as they breathe, so when you hear Willa say that she despises her father, you have to wonder what is really in it for her. Is she really this desperate to see the man killed, especially to help someone like Alexander Skarsgard’s character, who has not exactly been the kindest to her?

Then, this same plot thickens yet again courtesy of the conversation that we have below. In it, Willa asks Eric about a memorable scene from last episode, where she tries to drink his blood, only to be ultimately turned away from doing so. Why in the world would he not be so receptive to this? There are a number of reasons, with one of the primary ones being that she does not quite understand some of the crazy-intense things that it would do to her. With Eric currently rather busy trying to stop the Governor, the last thing that he wants to do is babysit a V-enhanced teenager that could go about causing some more trouble.

It is Willa’s curiosity that makes Eric question her motives, but unfortunately this scene fades to black before we really have an opportunity to figure out just what in the world Willa actually wants.

What do you think about this “True Blood” scene, and do you have an opinion on Willa’s intentions? If you want to also check out some other sneak peeks from this episode, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: HBO

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