‘Big Brother 15’ review: Who was evicted, and the Head of Household competition (Spoilers)

PoolOn Wednesday night, we had the second “Big Brother 15” show with Julie Chen present … but did she choose to address some of the recent controversy? Not at all. Instead, we were shown a fight over wine, McCrae getting the most heroic music of all time as he laid a big one on Amanda, and Jeremy yelling at everyone. While it would have been nice for this episode to be at least a little more real in the context to the live feeds, at least the show did a good job of making you hate Aaryn more … even if Spencer got more or less a free pass.

What we were really curious about was seeing the reaction of the audience as certain houseguests voted. Aaryn was booed vigorously after her vote was cast, and even David was shamed by proxy even though he hasn’t said anything that was offensive on that level. (The audience was at some point asked to quiet down and some of the reactions were muted by the network)

At the end of the day, the expectation was that we would be seeing Surfer Boy head out the door, and did it happen? We’re pleased to say that it did! David is mostly a byproduct of something that was not fully his fault, at least when it comes to everyone hating Aaryn and to an extent Jeremy. He was a physical threat, and that’s dangerous in this game. Now, Aaryn doesn’t have a close ally, and David gets to go home and read what America really thinks about his showmance partner.

In case you’re wondering about Jeremy’s voice, it was planned for him to vote against the Moving Company as a way to keep it a secret, and to make the others think he wasn’t with them.

As for the Head of Household Competition, refresh this article; we’ll have scoop for you as soon as the competition ends. It’s actually the old-school fill up the jar competition that you’ve seen in the past, but with barbecue sauce. We have the HOH results and they are right here.

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Photo: CBS

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