‘Big Brother’ 15 review: Elissa Slater makes a big move, will it blow up in her face?

ElissaWith Jessie and Candice on the block this week, the drama has already started on “Big Brother” 15 and it’s only day 5… so let’s get to it!

McCrea: Jessie and Candice are pissed off they are on the block and put McCrea through the ringer, but they are not the only ones. Amanda and Jeremy are also in his ear trying to get him to backdoor Elissa and he’s clearly getting flustered.

MVP: Everyone in the house is worried that Elissa is going to get the MVP  power this week and they had a good reason to be concerned, because she of course got it. Shocker!!! Elissa made an incredibly smart move and went to McCrea with her power and asked for his input putting her in a good position with the HOH. In exchange she asks him not to put her on the block (or tell anyone she’s MVP) and he is honest in saying that he can’t offer her safety. Even though McCrea wouldn’t promise her anything, Elissa chose David (McCrea’s choice) as the 3rd nominee in hopes to stop him from backdooring her. McCrea tells Amanda that Elissa won MVP, trying to connect with Amanda, but as soon as he tells her he realizes he messed up and tells Elissa.

David and Aaryn: Being put on the block broke David and he claims that he doesn’t trust anyone anymore leaving Aaryn on edge. David tries to smooth things over with Aaryn, but she’s not having it, she’s mad that he said he doesn’t trust her.

Veto Ceremony: McCrea, David, Jessie, Candice, Elissa and Howard all got to play in the veto and after rolling around in honey and other assorted goo, McCrea ends up winning the veto (despite his attempts to throw it). Nick pushes McCrea not to use the veto, because The Moving Company wants David out since Elissa isn’t a threat to them at all, but the house wants Elissa out so bad that McCrea starts to really feel the pressure of “Big Brother” for the first time. So did McCrea use the veto? He did, by taking Candice off the block and nominating Elissa. This was a completely terrible move, because she won’t trust him to work with her later on.

Do you think McCrea made the right decision putting Elissa on the block, or do you think he should be using Elissa to his advantage? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Also if you are looking for more “Big Brother” 15 news and spoilers form the live feeds, then you can get your fix here.

Photo: CBS

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