‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: They are the champions

Hell's KitchenWhat’s more challenging than having to compete against your fellow “Hell’s Kitchen” contestants? Oh, how about a little something known as having to compete against some of the best people to ever be in the kitchen? We like nothing more than seeing this sort of clash of the titans, mostly because this is probably the closest thing that we’re ever going to get to an all-star season (as much as we want it).

Out of the returning chefs, our personal favorite still has to be the one-armed bandit known as Dave … who technically does have two arms. He just did most of his cooking that season with one arm extremely limited after an injury. So it should be no surprise that he was the culinary Terminator now that he had both of them at his disposal.

The new chefs actually mostly held their own; they still lost, but it was not a blowout. The returning chefs obviously know that it would have been humiliation like no other had they actually emerged from this without a victory to their name, and they by and large dominated minus a few little moments here and there regarding how people on the West Coast like their food versus those in New York City.

After sitting through this pretty-intense hour of TV, we had an end result that was actually rather disappointing: The news that no one ended up going home. What has been the point of the last two episodes, save for dragging along the season? As dominant as the women have been, we expect John to make it to the end against Ja’Nel, where the real battle for #1 will begin.

What returning contestant did you get excited to see again? If you want to read some more “Hell’s Kitchen”-related news, all you have to do is visit the story over here.

Photo: Fox

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